EBV Immortalization

What can we do for you?

Our lab can prepare EBV-immortalized B-cell lines for you!

Our lab prepares EBV-immortalized B-cell lines from fresh blood samples.
EBV-immortalized B-cell lines are an indefinite source for genomic DNA, mRNA and proteins from a selected individual.

EBV-immortalized B-cell lines from fresh blood samples

$ 240 Excluding shipment
  • no payment in case of failure to immortalize the cells
  • A sample of at least 5 ml fresh uncoagulated blood is required for same-day shipping.
  • A sample of at least 10 ml is needed when the blood is shipped on the following day after sampling.
  • We recommend using Heparin (green cap) Vaccutainer tubes.
  • Please mix the fresh blood gently to ensure the absence of microscopic thrombi.
  • The blood must reach us within 48 hours after sampling.
  • The blood sample must be sent at ambient temperature of 20 – 30 degrees Celsius. Avoid cooling with ice, but avoid heating beyond 30 degrees (use of aluminum foil and thermal isolation is recommended).
  • When the last two criteria cannot be met, we suggest isolating lymphocytes from the blood samples; freezing in 70% RPMI/20% FCS/10% DMSO; shipping with dry ice. (whole blood cannot be frozen without loosing lymphocyte viability).
  • Typical periods for establishing a B-cell line are 8-12 weeks.
  • Larger blood volumes and faster shipments increase the chances for establishing cell lines from your samples.